How Do I Subscribe To Apple News?

Sign up for Apple News+ On your Mac, open the News app, select News+ in the sidebar (or the toolbar if the sidebar isn’t visible), and then click the subscription button. follow the directions shown on the screen. It’s possible that the App Store may prompt you to check in using your Apple ID.

Similarly, How do I get access to Apple News?

There are no PCs or Android devices that support Apple News+; it is only accessible on Apple devices. The ability to subscribe to and access Apple News material is now only available to residents of the United States, Canada, Australia, or the United Kingdom, however Apple has ambitions to extend it to other nations in the future.

Also, it is asked, How much does a subscription to Apple News cost?

$10.00 a month

Secondly, How do I subscribe to News on my iPhone?

In News, tap the subscription button next to an article or magazine, then adhere to the on-screen instructions. Your Apple ID may be required to log in.

Also, How can I get Apple News for free?

The digital newsstand for the Mac, iPhone, and iPad is called Apple News Plus. You may sign up for a free six-month trial before paying the regular $10 monthly fee. (Apple typically provides a one-month trial period.)

People also ask, What does Apple News subscription include?

Content from hundreds of publishers is available on Apple News+. The whole list may be seen here. The New Yorker, National Geographic, WIRED, The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, The Times and Sunday Times, New York Magazine, Bloomberg Businessweek, Vogue, Macworld, PCMag, and PC World are just a few of the magazines that are included.

Related Questions and Answers

Why is there no Apple News?

The only method to access Apple News on iOS and iPadOS devices is to switch your device’s locale to one of the four official Apple News-supporting nations. Here’s how to do that when visiting a nation where Apple News is unavailable and download it to your iPhone or iPad.

Is an Apple News subscription worth it?

Apple News should be sufficient if all you’re interested in is basic news and headlines. However, for people who already regularly use the app and were intending to subscribe to multiple paywalls that are part of Apple News+, it is wholly worthwhile.

Is The Washington Post included in Apple News?

You have unlimited access to the Washington Post on, The Washington Post Select app (blue icon), and The Washington Post app if you bought a subscription via Apple News (black icon). Please be aware that a current Apple News+ subscription does not provide access to Washington Post content.

Does Apple News Plus include New York Times?

On Apple devices, the tailored Apple News stream no longer included Times items alongside those from other publishers as of Monday. One of the first media companies to leave Apple News is The Times.

Is Apple News free on iPhone?

In the Today stream, you may read select Apple News articles for free. An active subscription is required to access premium content.

Is Apple News part of Apple one?

Along with iCloud storage for your photographs, files, and other items, Apple One comes with the greatest entertainment and informational services available. Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, iCloud+, Apple News+, and Apple Fitness+ are among the services available.

Does Apple News include full access to WSJ?

WSJ appears to anticipate that most users won’t seek out much beyond that, according to Amol Sharma, a Journal writer, who tweeted that Apple News Plus customers would have “access to practically all WSJ stories, but the app will only expose general-interest news.”

What newspaper is on Apple News?

TIME. Journal of Wall Street. New Yorker. The Vanity Fair. Newsweek in New York. California Chronicle. Texas Chronicle. Express-News of San Antonio.

Is Apple TV a subscription?

(1) Apple TV+ is a 3-month free trial that comes with the purchase of an Apple device. (2) After a seven-day trial, a monthly membership costs only $4.99 a month. (3) Apple One, which combines up to five additional Apple services under a single monthly membership, includes Apple TV+.

Does Apple News include full magazines?

To read hundreds of periodicals, newspapers, and digital publications on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac, sign up for Apple News+. Join Apple News+ to read magazines in the News app. Learn more about Apple News+ and the cost of Apple News+.

How do I download Apple News magazines?

Open the News app to download an issue. Go to the sidebar on your iPad or Mac and choose or touch News+. Tap or click the Sidebar icon if you can’t see the sidebar. To locate the issue you wish to download, tap My Magazines. Toggle the More button on or off. Click or tap Download Issue.

How do I get my News app back on my iPhone?

How can I get the free Apple News app back? A: You may search for the Apple News app in the App Store after opening it, then download and install it.

What’s the best News app for iPhone?

iPhone’s top ten news applications For iPhone, use Flipboard. a juggernaut above all others. for iPhone, Zite. Zite, a Flipboard rival, is also a lovely way to consume news. The CNN iPhone app (International edition) iPhone breaking news. iPhone app Pulse For iPhone, use AP Mobile. on the iPhone, Zinio iPhone StumbleUpon

Is The Economist included in Apple News?

Our goal is to assist. The Economist is not included in the membership cost, according to the list of newspapers that Apple News Plus subscribers may access. This implies that in order to read that newspaper via Apple News, you would need to buy a subscription for it separately.

How many subscribers does Apple News have?

The app will have 11 million paying customers by 2020, according to the same expert. For a small monthly cost, Apple News+ customers get access to magazines and news sites’ paywall content via the Apple News app. Characteristic Subscription count in millions2023*191 more rows

Does Apple News include Globe and Mail?

The publications offered cover a broad variety of topics, including cuisine, fashion, politics, and much more. Both current and previous editions are accessible. Leading publications like The Globe and Mail, Winnipeg Free Press, and The Wall Street Journal are examples of newspapers.

How much is a subscription to The Washington Post?

Examine your subscription strategy | Free for four weeks, then $4 per week for a year, and then $10 each week after that. Anytime, cancel.

How can I read The Washington Post for free?

If you currently have a Washington Post subscription and a. edu/. gov/. mil email address, all you need to do to get a free subscription is alter your account’s email in your profile settings.

How do I add NYT to Apple News?

Using the Mac’s News app, choose the article that needs a unique subscription. Follow the on-screen instructions after clicking a subscription button (such as Subscribe Now) in the banner.

What is Apple TV subscription good for?

Apple’s home for original movies and shows is Apple TV+. The most recent version of the Apple TV app allows access to it across several devices for a monthly membership fee. Exclusive, ad-free material that has been approved or created in-house by Apple is available via Apple TV+.

What is Apple premium membership?

Individual costs $14.95 a month and offers 50GB of iCloud storage, Apple Music, Apple TV+, and Apple Arcade. For $19.95 per month, Family offers 200GB of iCloud storage, Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and other features that can be shared among up to six family members.

What happens to my existing subscriptions if I subscribe to Apple One?

For services you don’t currently have, Apple One offers a free trial that lasts one month. Services that you have previously subscribed to are immediately included into Apple One after your free trial. The free trial may not be available to you if you just terminated a service. After the trial, your plan renews itself automatically.

Can I read The Wall Street Journal on Apple News plus?

WSJ or LA Times paywall stories may be accessed on iPhone and iPad with Apple News Plus+. Sticky note: It’s important to be aware that Apple News Plus only gives you access to older WSJ items for a three-day period.

How can I view WSJ without a subscription?

We advise first visiting the WSJ website ( to decide which articles you want to read in their entirety. You can browse news headlines and a summary of each item on the WSJ website’s public edition without having to have an online membership.

How does the Apple News app work?

The News app compiles all the articles you want to read, from your preferred sources, on the subjects you find most fascinating. You may customize News by selecting from a variety of publications (referred to as channels) and subjects like Entertainment, Food, and Science. Use of News requires a Wi-Fi or cellular connection.


Apple News is a news aggregator that allows users to subscribe to different topics. The topics range from travel, technology, and health. If you are unsure if Apple News is worth the subscription fee, check out our article on “is apple news worth it.”

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