What Happened To Google News And Weather App?

Google Play Newsstand and Google News & Weather will be combined into a single service named Google News, the company said today at Google I/O. (with the Google News & Weather app being discontinued and Google Play Newsstand being replaced by Google News).

Similarly, What happened to Google’s weather app?

For the Google Weather app on Android, tap “Uninstall.” However, even after being deleted from the home screen, the Weather App will still be a component of the Google app on your phone. It’s simple to add it back whenever necessary. Read the most recent news, breaking news, and live updates for the assembly elections here.

Also, it is asked, Why is my Google weather app not working?

When there is an app problem, emptying the app cache usually solves the problem. Clear the cache of the Google Weather app to resolve the problem. For Android users, clean the cache for the Google Weather App. Select Settings. Access the application manager. Select the Google Weather App. Click on clean cache.

Secondly, How do I get my Google weather app back?

Simply launch the Google app, which is often pre-installed on Android smartphones. You may download it if you don’t already have it for any reason. When the Google app is launched, the Discover tab’s upper-left corner should display a little button with weather information. Then, tap it.

Also, Why is The Weather Network app not working?

Install the app again After completing the aforementioned procedures, you should reinstall the Weather Channel app if it still doesn’t function. Since reinstalling wipes out all of the app’s data, including cache, it is more effective than upgrading. On an Android smartphone, open the Google Play Store by clicking on it.

People also ask, How do I get the time and weather back on my Android?

Include a clock widget. Tap Widgets at the bottom of the screen. Hold the clock widget in your hand. Images of your Home screens will appear. Move the timepiece to the Home screen.

Related Questions and Answers

What’s happened to the BBC Weather app?

The IT behemoth discovered a problem with smartphones brought on by Android System WebView. The system component that enables the display of web components by Android applications is broken, and Google’s repair should fix it. Some users have been having issues with the BBC Weather app.

Is there a Google weather app?

Android tablet users now have access to the Google Weather app.

Has The Weather Network changed?

The Weather Network recently modified the way they presented their predictions; now, instead of providing localized forecasts, they instead provide forecasts for several cities around the province, with considerably less information than previously.

What happened to the Weather Channel?

The Weather Channel was purchased by Allen’s Entertainment Studios in 2018 for $300 million. He revealed Tuesday that shortly after taking over, he made one significant adjustment for the network: He instructed them to speak freely about the consequences of climate change, which is, for some reason, a contentious topic in America.

Why is my iPhone weather app not working?

Click Settings, then choose General. Click Refresh Background App. Ensure that it is On on the next screen. Additionally, go down and make sure the Weather toggle is turned on.

Why did my Widgets disappear Android?

When Android users move apps to a memory card, this is the most frequent cause of widget disappearances. After your smartphone has a hard reboot, widgets can also vanish. You must re-transfer them to the phone’s memory in order to retrieve it.

Why is my BBC Weather app not working on Android?

If you don’t see any widgets in the list of ones you have access to, go to the Android’s “Settings” menu and choose “Manage Applications” before selecting BBC Weather. The BBC Weather app may now be transferred from your SD card to the phone’s or tablet’s memory. The BBC Weather widgets will thereafter be enabled after a device restart.

How do I refresh my weather app?

To change how often your Android smartphone refreshes its predictions, tap “Auto refresh.” Additionally, you can choose whether you want to get alerts about impending bad weather and whether you want the widget to automatically update when it opens or not when you’re roaming.

Why did the weather disappeared from my home screen?

If the new weather widgets aren’t shown on your Pixel, it’s likely that your Google app isn’t installed in beta mode or that you haven’t upgraded it to the most current version available from the Play Store.

Where do I find weather apps?

The top Android weather applications and widgets are available at 1Weather. Accuweather. Weather app. Gmail Feed Weather Radar on MyRadar. Weather from NOAA Overdrop

Why did the Weather Channel change its format?

Viewers will be able to see renderings of what future cities, like Charleston, may look like thanks to new augmented reality visuals. The end of the summer should see the debut of a new travel series that explores how weather has affected various locations.

Is the Weather Channel the same as The Weather Network?

The Weather Network’s American counterpart is The Weather Channel. The French counterpart of The Weather Network is MétéoMédia.

Who bought out the Weather Channel?

the creator Byron Allen

Is the Weather Channel app free?

For Android users, there is a free weather app called The Weather Channel. The software, which was created by IBM, provides users with access to hourly, daily, and weekly weather predictions as well as other weather-related data.

Who is the highest paid meteorologist on the Weather Channel?

Jim Cantore has a net worth of $4.5 million and works as a meteorologist and TV personality in the United States.

How do I restore the Weather app on my iPhone?

each response Check out the App Store. Look up the app. Use the actual program name, and make sure you spell it correctly. Look up the names of the installed applications. To restore the app, tap. Open the app from your Home screen once you’ve waited for it to recover.

How do I reset the Weather app on my iPhone?

Try using the weather app after restarting your iPhone by selecting Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.

How do I get my widgets back on my Android?

Fix 1 Launch the settings application. Choose “Apps.” You would choose “Applications” > “Application manager” on many Samsung smartphones. Choose the application that is missing from the widgets list. Select “Storage” from the menu. Choose “Change.” Change the option to “Internal storage” from “SD card.”

Why have some of my apps disappeared?

There may be a launcher on your smartphone that allows you to hide certain applications. Typically, you open the app launcher and choose “Menu” ( or ). You may be able to unhide applications from there. Depending on your device or launcher app, the possibilities will change.

How do I restore my widgets?

To find the widget you removed and reinstall it in your sidebar, go to Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets and check in the “Inactive Widgets?” section.

Why is the BBC Weather app always wrong?

Because they rely on information from transatlantic aircraft, all British weather predictions now have a lower level of accuracy than normal. More data will be accessible and more precise projections will be made when there are more flights. Forecasts are less precise at the time since there are fewer flights.

How often is the BBC Weather app updated?

Maps: The text-based data is updated hourly, but the MeteoGroup data is created once every three hours. As a result, the map data often lags behind the 14-day forecast spot data.

Is there a better weather app than weather Channel?

AccuWeather (Android, iOS: Free) The daily predictions in the app include information on the likelihood of rain as well as air quality, wind, cloud cover, and UV index.

What is a good free weather app?

6 Top Free Android Weather Apps AccuWeather. AccuWeather for Android may be downloaded here. App for Weather Channel. For Android, click here to download The Weather Channel app. Weather on Yahoo. Here is a link to the Yahoo Weather app for Android. Acrus Climate. Here is a link to the Acrus Weather app. 1Weather. Go here to get the 1Weather app. Climate Bug.

What is the best weather app 2021?

Try them out till you discover the sunniest one for you since the great majority of these applications are free. AccuWeather is the best free weather app. Carrot Weather is the top paid weather app. Flowx is the top Android weather app. The best weather radar for local forecasts is MyRadar. Weather Radar Live from NOAA is the best for official data.


Google News and Weather app was removed from the Google Play Store in April of 2018. The app was replaced by a new Google News and Weather website that can be accessed through your mobile browser.

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