Who Won the Texas Tech Game?

The Texas Tech game was a close one, but in the end, Who Won the Texas Tech game?

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The Texas Tech Red Raiders defeated the Baylor Bears in a close game, 31-30. The Red Raiders were led by quarterback Patrick Mahomes II, who threw for over 300 yards and three touchdowns. The Bears were unable to stop the Red Raiders’ passing attack, and they will need to shore up their defense if they want to compete in the Big 12 Conference.

Texas Tech’s Record

Texas Tech’s Record
Texas Tech had an impressive season this year, winning 10 games and losing only 2. They started off the season strong, with 7 wins in their first 8 games. However, they stumbled towards the end of the season, losing their last 2 games. Nonetheless, their overall record is still very good, and they will likely be ranked highly in the polls next year.

The Game

The game of the century was played between the two best teams in the country. The Texas Longhorns and the Texas Tech Red Raiders faced off in a matchup that would be talked about for years to come.

Both teams entered the game undefeated, with the Longhorns being ranked first in the nation and the Red Raiders being ranked second. The winner of this game would not only be crowned national champions, but would also claim bragging rights as the best team in Texas.

The Longhorns got off to a hot start, scoring 21 points in the first quarter. The Red Raiders fought back, but were never able to take the lead. The Longhorns won the game by a final score of 21-14.

Who Won?

The Texas Tech game was a close one, with the score tied at halftime. But in the end, Texas Tech came out on top, winning by a score of 24-17.

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